What is carbon neutrality?

Kasvu hiilineutraali

Well, I’m glad you asked! Carbon neutrality means that the amount of carbon dioxide emitted is the same as the amount that is sequestered out of the atmosphere by various measures. In practice, this means that we minimise the carbon emissions from our activities and compensate for those that we cannot avoid.

In Maitokolmio, we work towards carbon neutrality in several ways. For example, we are gradually reducing emissions from production by using renewable energy sources and improving the efficiency of production processes. We also use local raw materials and contribute to reducing food waste, which in turn reduces emissions from transport.

Ultimately, carbon neutrality is a goal that requires cooperation from all industries and individuals. The food industry must play its part and develop new innovative ways to reduce emissions, but consumers can also make a difference by choosing sustainably produced options. Together we can achieve carbon neutrality – and enjoy good food at the same time!

Maitokolmio’s new carbon neutral packaging

The Maitokolmio’s litre milk and buttermilk cartons offset all packaging-related emissions from the production and transport of raw materials, through to carton manufacturing and retail distribution.

The carbon neutral packaging is certified according to the Carbon Neutral Protocol & PAS 2060 standards. The certification for carbon neutral packaging has been awarded by Climate Impact Partners.

Read more about the CarbonNeutral® label here.