The best cream in the world

We know that the cream we produce at the Toholampi factory is the best in the world. Maitokolmio’s cream is additive-free and carrageenan-free. We also believe that freshness and a moderate shelf life speak for themselves that the cream must be better than longer-keeping creams. Read below why you should agree with us.

The journey of cream from farm to store shelf

We collect raw milk from farms every day of the week. When the milk arrives at the dairy, it is separated into the fat and non-fat parts. One part is cream and the other is skimmed milk. After separation, the cream is transferred to a tank where its fat percentage is stabilised to the level of commercial cream, i.e. fat is restored or removed. Once the fat content of the cream has been stabilised, it is canned and cooled to storage temperature. The cream is then delivered to the shops. It takes about two days for the cream to travel from the dairy farm to the store’s refrigerator.

What is carrageenan (E407) and why don’t we use it?

Ib refrigerated cabinets you can also find creams with a long shelf life. They have undergone a more intensive heating process than pasteurisation, i.e. high pasteurisation (ESL) or UHT. During prolonged storage, the fat tends to separate from the cream and eventually rises to the surface in a layer. This is called creaming. The longer the cream is stored, the thicker the layer of fat becomes and it can no longer mix with the cream. To prevent the fat from separating, some manufacturers add carrageenan to long-life cream to slow down the cream’s setting.

Carrageenan is a naturally occurring plant fibre obtained from red algae growing in the oceans. In food, carrageenan is commonly used as a stabilising, thickening and gelling agent. Originally used in its raw form, i.e. cooked directly from the algae, carrageenan is now produced in industrial crops around the world. It is also processed and treated in several ways.

Additive-free and carrageenan-free cream

In our opinion, cream, like milk, is best fresh. That’s why we claim that Maitokolmio produces the best cream in the world. We make cream from local milk from local farms, collected every day of the week. We believe that the best qualities of a product come from fresh, high quality raw materials, without additives or anything else extra. That’s why there are no additives or carrageenan in Maitokolmio’s creams.