Naturally Close

Maitokolmio’s milk is produced by local farms. All our dairy farms are located less than an hour away from the dairy, almost next door. The best qualities of the products are produced by the fresh, high-quality ingredient. Milk is collected each day of the week, packaged and sent to the stores freshly and quickly, often within the same day.That is why local milk is so good.

Local Milk – New Superfood

Human bone is constantly renewed and calcium intake is important throughout our lives. Local milk provides all nutrients required in addition to calcium to develop strong bones: Vitamin D to advance calcium absorption, protein, zinc, phosphor, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B6.

Local milk is a genuine superfood for bones. Even more vitamin D, which is needed especially during the darker seasons, has been added to the milks and sour milk products of Maitokolmio.

Also Good for You

Milk products are an essential part of today’s diet. Some prefer non-fat milk and spreads, some like quark, and others want whole milk, cream, and butter. Whatever your diet consists of, you are sure to find the right pieces within Maitokolmio’s range of products.

In addition to products with normal lactose content, Maitokolmio’s product range includes products with low lactose content and completely lactose-free products. Our products also include less processed non-homogenized milk products, which are even closer to nature.