cooperative Maitokolmio

Sievintie 9, 69300 Toholampi, Finland
tel: +358 6 8816 200
e-mail: osuuskunta(at)

Invoicing Information

Electronic invoicing address: 003701827704
Business ID: 0182770-4

Operator Information

If your E-invoice operator is for e.g Itella, Basware, etc. operator ID is 003721291126
If your E-invoice operator is a bank, your operator ID is DABAFIHH

We accept also PDF-documents regarding the invoice that are with the e-invoice. If you cannot send e-invoices, we ask you to deliver purchase invoices on paper directly to scanning service or via e-mail to address below.

Paper invoice address:

Osuuskunta Maitokolmio
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Invoicing address of e-mail invoices

Receiver of the e-mail:

More information if needed

Osuuskunta Maitokolmio
Elina Kattilakoski
040 772 2251